Powtórzenie: Expressing the future (C.A.E)

Powtórzenie z Focus on Advanced English Grammar Practice

Język angielski, powtórzenie. 11 pytań.

[...](do) anything special on Friday evening?
Are you doing
Mandy [...] (finish) her exams by this time next week.
will have finished
Look out! That boy [...] (fall) of his bike!
is going to fall
The Prince [...] (give) a speech to local community leaders this evening.
is to give
We [...] (live) in this house for exactly five years next Sunday.
Congratulations! We hope you [....] (be) very happy together.
will be
-Anna looks rather fat these days.
-Oh, don't you know? She [...] (have) a baby.
Just think, this time on Thursday we [....] (fly) to Los Angeles.
Don't worry, I [...] (phone) the plumber first thing tomorrow morning.
Do you think you [...] (finish) that report by the end of the week?
We'd better hurry up, i think they [...] (close).
going to close

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