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Pytanie 1
The Glossopteris Flora occurs in the following continents:
Africa, India, Australia
Australia, Antarctica, S America
Pytanie 2
Which observations provided the evidence for migration of the oceanic crust into the mantle:
Discovery of the Benioff Zone
Pytanie 3
The most characteristics feature of carbonate rocks in the Transvaal Supergroup are:
Interbeds of Banded Iron Formations
Pytanie 4
Sedimentation of the Transvaal Supergroup was terminated by the orogenesis:
Pytanie 5
In the Limpopo orogenic belt region, the following is/are exposed on the surface:
The root zone of the orogen
Pytanie 6
The age of the Uberian orogenic belt is:
Pytanie 7
The Waterberg Group contains rocks that are the oldest:
Pytanie 8
Amalgamation of the Rodinia Supercontinent is dated at:
Pytanie 9
The Lufilian Arc (orogenic belt) of Central Africa:
Belongs to the Pan-African orogenic belts systems
Contains huge Cu-deposits
Pytanie 10
The succession of the Karoo Supergroup and is lateral equivalents originated:
After Gondwana assembly
Pytanie 11
The Arabian Craton coints mainly:
Pan-African island arc rock complexes
Archacan Basement rock
Pytanie 12
The Tippecanoe Sequence in N America is:
Of the age Ordovivian-Silurian
Its covered by the Kaskaskia Sequence
Pytanie 13
The Taconian Orogenesis is:
Of the Ordovivian age
Resulted from collision continent-island arc
Pytanie 14
The famous Castkill Delta originated:
During the Arcadian orogenesis
Is a part of the Kaskaskia sequence
Pytanie 15
The following is/are linked with the Rocky Mountains Orogenesis:
Steep subduction
Igneous rocks
Pytanie 16
Asia is located on plates:
Pytanie 17
The Norilsk deposit is related to:
Eruption of the Siberian Traps
Pytanie 18
The time when collision between India and Eurasia begun is:
Pytanie 19
The High Himalaya contain rocks:
Related to the Tethys Ocean
Pytanie 20
In the zone of the Caledonian foldin in the NW Europe, the folds:
Are genetically related to the collision between Baltica with Laurentia

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