To go, go or going?, test z języka angielskiego

Wybierz odpowiednią formę. Test wiedzy online z języka angielskiego. Test składa się z 29 pytań.

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Pytania znajdujące się w teście: "To go, go or going?"

1) I like/love/enjoy [...] to parties.
2) I'd really like [...] to Kenya.
3) I might [...]. I'm not sure.
4) I insisted on [...] with them.
5) I can't afford [...] out every night.
6) I really miss [...] to yoga classes but I don't have time any more.
7) I need [...] to the hairdresser's.
8) I mustn't stop! I must keep [...].
9) I regret [...] to a boarding school. i hated it.
10) I used [...] abroad a lot.
11) I wasn't allowed [...] out after 10 p.m. when I was a teenager.
12) I'm afraid of [...] out on my own at night.
13) I'm lost. I haven't got a clue where [...].
14) I'm looking forward to [...] on holiday.
15) I don't think it's worth [...] to see my bank manager.
16) I won't let my children [...] to the pop concert.
17) Don't worry! I'll remind you [...] to the bank.
18) I must [...] and see my bank manager.
19) I can't get used to [...] to work by car.
20) I refused [...] with them.
21) I accused him of [...] home early.
22) I advised them not [...] to that hotel.
23) I invited her [...] to the opera.
24) I apologised to the boss for [...] home early yesterday.
25) I'm planning [...] to Scotland next summer.
26) Did you remember [...] to the post office?
27) I remember [...] to that village when I was a child.
28) I think it's important [...] to the dentist regulary.
29) [...] to bed late makes you feel tired the next day.