Powtórzenie: Future Simple vs Future Continous - Ćwiczenie 1

Zadania z future simple i future continous. Wpisz odpowiednią formę

Język angielski, powtórzenie. 12 pytań.

John (wait) for you from 5 to 6.
will be waiting
This time tomorrow we (sail) across the Channel.
will be sailing
I don't suppose they (agree).
will agree
I still (work) at 6 o'clock.
will still be working
We (paint) our room all night.
will be painting
... you (phone) me a little later, please?
Will you phone
... they (play) bridge in the club all day?
Will they be playing
I think he (forget) about it soon.
will forget
The children (sleep) when you come back.
will be sleeping
They (exercise) from 7 till 9.
will be exercising
I'm afraid he (not, pass) the last exam.
won't pass
... she (wash) all the afternoon?
Will she be washing

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